WARNING: If Your Child Has One Of These Toys Throw It Away ASAP, Reports of Choking

This toy has become a sensation all over the world and now it is considered a huge hazard to children. Parents everywhere are now being warned about the famous fidget spinner that every kid loves so much.

Many say that the spinner was made to help those with short attention spans but thousands have been buying them at stores and online shops. After some woman posted on social media about her daughter’s hospitalization, after she accidentally swallowed a fidget spinner, it’s causing many to think twice before letting their children play with it.

Kelly shared that she was driving home from a swim meet with her daughter when she heard her daughter make a loud unusual noise. She looked back and realized that she was choking because she had accidentally swallowed the fidget spinner.

She was taken by ambulance to Children’s Hospital, and was immediately taken into surgery to have the toy removed from her esophagus. A spokesperson at Texas Children’s Hospital confirmed that the story was true, after many denied it’s authenticity.

Patty Davis, a spokesperson for the Consumer Product Safety Commission released a statement about the toy saying that any small object can be a choking hazard for children and parents should always be cautious.

“We know these toys are very new and gaining in popularity, and we would encourage parents to think about how their child interacts with toys. Do they mouth items? If that’s the case, then this may not be a toy for them. Keep any toy with small parts away from young children. They can be a choking hazard.”