A special dietary regime based on the blood type of an individual is called blood type diet. Unlike most of the modern diet which give only temporary results, this regime will give you positive results very soon, that will last longer.

In 1996, a new diet was created and presented in the book “Eat right 4 your type: The individualized diet solution for staying healthy, living longer and achieving the ideal weight” by Peter J. D`Adamo. After all these years, it is still a bestseller on Amazon.

This is my story

As I kid, I hated meat and loved being a vegetarian. I ate stir fry, PB&J and whole wheat. This regime made me unique
In college, I turned vegan- I stopped eating all dairy, eggs, replacing them with beans, nuts, seeds, grains and oils. I felt great, but my body was another story. I had acute problems like hip pain, dry skin, dandruff, hand rash, congestion, pimples and eczema which made sleep very difficult.

I searched medical help. Two dermatologists told me I had dermatitis and gave me some corticosteroid creams. This did not give me an accurate answer about my conditions, so I asked for a second opinion on what was going on.

A naturopath diagnosed me with intestinal candida, and recommended I should avoid suga , fermented food and yeast. I was feeling bad even looking at cakes.

Then I contacted Gins Ogorzaly, a chiropractor from New Mexico Albuquerque, who asked me for my blood type right away.

I was confused and said I was O positive. When she heard this, she immediately knew what to do.

She pulled out something from her cabinet and showed me an eating chart for my blood type, with 3 food categories, for every blood type: beneficial, neutral and bad.

She told me that O blood type is a hunter, so I need to eat meat and vegetables, and avoid wheat and grains.

This came as a shock! What should I do now? I asked myself if I`d rather suffer than eat meat. But I was no martyr, so I voted for my health and decided to start eating meat again.

Blood Type Diet

The ABO blood designation, according to D`Adamo, is the most accurate indicator of what we should eat, in order to control our weight and have optimal health. Here every diet is different, there is no one which is right.

“The conventional world divides nutrition into fiber, calories, fat and protein, so they look food as fuel” says D`Adamo, “but food is much more dynamic because it can enhance or inhibit biological processes.”

D`Adamo book describes the Type O as the original blood type, dating from the Cro-Magnons which were carnivores; people with type A blood are vegetarians, type B- omnivores and AB is a combination of A and B.

We need to know that food is a fuel, as well as a great philosophy. Depending on what we eat, it can be good or bad. Each blood type has different antibodies which eliminate foreign cells, but some of them attack the food- they are known as lectins. When they react in this way with blood, proteins can make a real chaos. Each blood type has different ability to handle the lectins.

Transition journey to carnivore

I abandoning my favorite food, like peanuts, lentils, kidney beans, avocado or coconut, and started eating all sorts of meat like beef, bison, as well as food recommended for my blood type like chard, adzuki beans, walnuts and artichokes.

One day my fridge was filled with 25 pounds of grass-fed beef from Colorado. I have never prepared meat before, so in the beginning I made mistakes in almost everything- defrosting, cooking, trimming and spicing. But, with time, I became better and better in doing this.

So was my overall health. I felt much better, I was more energetic, my skin was moisturized, I was sleeping better, the rash went away, as well as the chronic hip pain. Finally I was listening to my body, which was rewarding me.