Simple Tips and Trick to Remove Brown Spots and Clear Your Skin

If any of these signs worries you, ask for an engagement with your doctor or dermatologist. Regular self-examinations are the best way to track changes and prevent unwanted outcome.


Get rid of your age spots

You can use a really simple trick to get those spots off your skin.

Try out simple juice clarification made from two basic ingredients. It will only take you a few minutes to prepare it. Check the video below and see what makes this solution that good for you.

Fresh onion juice and organic apple cider vinegar will do wonders to your skin. Onion juice is a customary home remedy for skin scarring. Antioxidants in onions reduce free essential damage, and thus protect the outer skin layer.

Alpha hydroxyl acids in apple cider vinegar act as natural exfoliates and what they do is remove dead skin layers. Join these two, and you will be amazed with the way your skin looks and feels.

Anti-age spot mixture


  • Dice a fresh onion. Transfer the bits into a Ziploc bag and pulverize them using a blunt surface.
  • Next, use your blender to process the onion with half a cup of organic apple cider vinegar. You are looking for a smooth texture.
  • Soak a cotton ball in the resulting mixture and apply it directly on your age spots. For optimal results, this every day for 2-4 weeks.

Although this solution will not give you the results during the right, keep in mind that it is natural, cheap, and simple. You cannot use opportune and successful in the same sentence for any other method. You should notice the first results within a few weeks, but treat your spots every day and you will be happy with the outcome.

Easy way to prevent age spots?

Yes, if you tend to expend the rest of your life at home, and you know that it is not possible, because we all need a bit of sunlight.

But, you can prevent the amount of large spots by calculating the time you spend out in the sun. Wear long-sleeved shirts and comfy pants whenever you can, and never forget to use your sunscreen.

Your skin requirements sunscreen in winter as well. Even when you spend a minute in the sun. Always use sunscreen! Stay away from tanning beds. These may give you the tan you dream off, but they will also harmful your skin.

And once again, confer your doctor about any apprehensive spots. Love your skin and it will love you back.


These are easy steps which can clear skin and clear all kinds of spots