How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast with Home Remedies

Everybody gets bruises at one time or another. Although they are not the result of deteriorating health and usually do not call for any medical attention, the sight of a bruise is hard to ignore.

Bruises typically occur when some part of your body takes a hard hit. The injury does not break the skin, but the blood vessels underneath the skin are ruptured. This damaged vessels leak blood into the surrounding tissues, causing black-and-blue patterns on the skin that are often accompanied by pain and inflammation.

However, there are other possible causes like delicate skin tissues, lack of vitamin D or coagulation (manifestation of a platelet issue) that can lead to bruises on your skin.

Medically termed as a contusion, most bruises fade away on their own in a couple of days. However, in some cases, you might want to get rid of bruises fast or maybe even overnight.

Here are some home remedies to help you get rid of bruises quickly and easily
Method 1: Use an Ice Compress

Things you’ll need:

things need

Ice cubes in water (numbs the pain)
Cotton cloth
Soak a cotton cloth in cold water

dip a cotton cloth in ice cold water