How To Get An Hourglass Figure – Hourglass Body Shape

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

This is everything a girl wants to see when she looks in the mirror!

The hourglass body shape is everything we dream for our bodies to be.

It’s sexy and feminine that we cannot aspire.

But can you really get an hourglass figure if you’re not born with it?

How to get a smaller waist, and get an hourglass body shape?

Well, today I’ll give you a little guide on how to get an hourglass figure, and find out if it is actually possible to do this, depending on your genetics!

Let’s get started.

Have you ever asked your self, what body shape am I?!

Well, there are few body shapes:

Pear – narrow shoulders and wider hips,
apple – rounder in the mid section with thinner legs,
inverted triangle – broad shoulders and narrower hips,
ruler – Straight up and down so your shoulders, waist and hips look almost the same width when viewed from straight on, and
hourglass shape – balanced upper and lower body with a narrow waist.
Now the question is can we change our body shape?

Can we change our shape waist and our genes?


Just because you are in one of these categories does not mean you can’t alter the way your body looks.

It’s true, you cannot turn from being a ruler to an hourglass, because it just won’t happen due to your genetics, build and bone structure.

BUT, the truth is that you can sculpt parts of your body through exercising, you can achieve the best shape of your body! You cannot control where your body stores fat, but how much fat is stored is entirely your choice.

So step by step I’m going to give you some tips so that you can finally get the body shape you want.

I’m going to give you every single detail you need to know if you want to get the shape of your dreams.

I’m going to lead you through every single step that I did, so that you can try it for yourself and finally succeed!

So fit girls, take a few moments to get the ultimate hourglass shape guide!


There are few steps that I followed:

  • Start Doing Strength Training
  • Follow The Right Workout Program
  • Include The Right Foods In Your Diet
  • Avoid The Wrong Exercises

Most of the fit girls get this body by working hard, so I’m gonna show you how to do it!

Through proper fitness, you can flatten your stomach and achieve a smaller mid-section.

Just don’t get this wrong, you cannot do that by doing ABS exercises, some particular exercises, or exercising only your core.

There are no such things as “waist exercises”:

You can achieve your beloved figure only by exercising your body as a whole piece!

Which it is, right!

You have to perform exercises that focus on shaping your shoulders, back, but, arms and thighs – The point is to gain some lean muscles in the right parts and lose weight in parts where you don’t need it.

That’s why the very first step in my “how to get an hourglass figure” guide belongs to strength training.

Remember when I explained to you Why You Should Lift Weights?

One of the reasons was to get curved.

Why? Because by lifting your body will start getting toned and every single part of it will start taking a nice shape, that in the end leads to a hourglass figure.

Just running or doing cardio training wont get you curved body – You’ll need to do much more.

You can do cardio and lose weight, but the curves happen when you HEAT THE WEIGHTS!

That’s because strength training gives you a nice body shape, and here’s the prove for that…

I really wanted to get toned and curved, but was a pear shape as you can see on the before photo.

Then, after I started doing strength training, my body started shaping into the nicest figure ever, and I was loving it.

After just a few months, I got toned, curved and sexy, and most important of all – I GOT MY HOURGLASS SHAPE!

How did I do that?

With the “Breaking Fat” workout program!

And that’s our next step, so let’s head on!