How To Get An Hourglass Figure (Beautiful Curves)

Plenty of women today are undergoing surgeries, wearing padded under wears or ingesting all different sorts of pills, just so they can increase their hip to waist ratio to achieve an hourglass figure.

Let me just tell you ladies; all that isn’t necessary.

You don’t need to wear stuffed clothing or undergo any expensive and risky surgery to get your curves because there are exercises and routines freely available for you to build the muscle mass in the right places for a curvy physique.

The hourglass figure is one whereby the waistline is at least 10 times smaller than the bust and hip measurements, resulting in a wide bust, cinched waistline and a wide hip, essentially the shape of an hourglass.

Keep in mind that while the natural shape of your body is determined mainly by genetics, with proper diet, wearing the right clothes for your body type and doing the right exercises, you can achieve or give the appearance of having the highly sought after hourglass shape.

If you want to go a bit extreme you can even do corset training which can help to reduce the size of your waist by a couple inches.

Here is what you need to do to get an hourglass figure.

STEP 1 – Start with the upper body

Your upper body will need to be in shape as well before you can have an hourglass figure.

Your shape wouldn’t be considered hourglass if you have a toned and curved lower body with a cinched waistline but your upper body is flabby and wobbly or too skinny so you look unbalanced.

To avoid such a thing, it’s important to do shoulder and arm exercises that will help to tone and add some mass to your upper body.

Just picture how fabulously your shoulders and arms would complement your hourglass shape while wearing a waist -cinching strapless dress! Arm circles, bench dips and shoulder presses are a few good exercises you can try.

Arm circles

These are very easy to do and you don’t need any equipment to do it.

Simply stand with your feet about hip-width apart, extend your arms out to the sides so they are in line with your shoulders then start rotating your entire arm forward in small circular motions.

Your elbows and wrists should not be bent. Rotate your arms for about 20-30 circles them start rotating backwards for the reverse. If you wish to make it more challenging you can hold dumbbells as you do this exercise.

Tricep/Bench Dips

These are done using a chair, bench or exercise step. What you’ll do is sit up straight on the edge of the step or chair with your legs extended in front of you.


Grip the edge of the chair or bench firmly then slowly slide your butt off the edge, lowering your body towards the floor until your arms form a 90 degrees angle.

With your back still straight, push yourself back into the starting position and repeat for 15-20 reps. Do three sets.

Shoulder Press


A shoulder press is done by holding in each hand, a dumbbell and lifting them to shoulder level with your elbows bent.

Straighten your arms slowly, raising the dumbbells over your head without locking your elbows.

Hold in this position for just a few seconds and then gently lower your arms back to the starting position. Repeat for 15-20 reps, do 3 sets.

This moves definitely help to carve your hourglass figure.