Here’s How Lemon And Baking Soda Can Save Your Life!

Mixing lemon and baking soda together will leave you with one of the most powerful natural mixtures suitable for treating a large number of both skin and overall health conditions, including cancer.

A number of studies have confirmed the incredible effects of the lemon-baking soda mixture and have revealed that the mix is capable of killing cancer cells 10,000 better than chemotherapy, but only a small number of people know of these effects as big pharmaceutical companies cannot profit from natural remedies.

Now when it comes to lemons, most of us are aware that they are fruits with powerful anticancer properties which can treat a large number of diseases and health conditions, with the peel of the lemon being the most effective part of the fruit as it contains compounds such as d-limonene, which possess potent anticancer properties and has shown potential of curing cancer in animal trials.