Here Is What Your Acne Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health

Here Is What Your Acne Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health!


Our face is the reflection of our body and reflects what is happening inside the body.

If you have acne or similar inflammations on your skin, it might suggest that you have inflammations or other toxin-related problems within your internal organs.

What are your acne telling you about your health

Upper forehead

It is thought that the part of the forehead which is marked by the hairline is directly connected to the lower gastrointestinal track

Ache in this area indicate low digestive function. In order to clear the skin and the inner problems, one should consume food which is rich in antioxidants (green tea, lemon water, berries) are bound to help you in the process.

You can also try using natural methods to heal problems with digestion or consume herbal tea.

Lower forehead

It is believed that the bottom of the forehead is connected with your spirit and mind.

If there is ache manifestation in this area it is due to stress, anxiety and bad blood circulation.

You should get enough sleep and reduce stress to avoid this issue. Make time for relaxing so that you can keep your skin and spirit healthy.
The area around the eyebrows indicates liver functions. Ache in this area may signify that you eat high-fat food and consume a lot of alcohol. To prevent acne in this area you should eat low-fat food and you should not drink alcohol and refrain from similar habits that can cause damage to your liver.


Cheeks are identified with lungfunction.

Somebody who is a smoker or has had bronchitis or other respiratory problems may have ache in this area. You can take precaution by abstaining from smoking and avoiding allergens to clear the boring ache on your cheeks.


It is said that cardio-vascular problems such as fluctuating blood pressure and acute or chronic stress are associated with the nose. You should try and avoid stressful situations and protect your heart.

You can avoid nose breakouts and heart problems by eating healthy food which reduces your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Chin and mouth

The area around the chin and the mouth isconnected with the upper gastrointestinal track.Ache in this area are mostly due to bad eating habits, such as eating fake foods and fast food. In order to prevent breakouts in this area you should eat fruits, vegetables and follow a diet which is high in fiber.

The reproductive organs, the kidneys and the urinary track are all connected to the chin.

The menstruations cycle  can also cause acnein this area and there are  some cases that  indicate an hormonal imbalance. It can also manifest kidney problems. Reducing stress is of utmost importance here.


If pimples have brought out around your ears you may have kidney function problems.

If the kidneys are not functioning properly there is break out in pimples. You should reduce the intake of sodium in your diet. You should also drink a lot of water in order to avoid dehydration.