Here’s how to toxic chemicals in household cleaning replace funds made in a natural way: with lemon, baking soda, wine vinegar, black tea …

Cleaning in the household that are sold in stores are full of toxic chemicals, heavy metals and other components harmful to health. And even if you do not harm their users when using and get into the sewers, they significantly contribute to pollution of the environment. Accordingly, the use of natural cleaning products and keep their health, and the nature of the whole planet.

Lemon pure soap deposits.

The drains sinks and tubs shower normally accumulates dirt mixed with layers saopuna. Lemon is acidic, and will dissolve the alkaline soap and restore the shine faucets, sinks and tubs.

Wine vinegar for toilets.

Instead of toxic cleaning agents, sleep white wine vinegar. Simply spray the upper surface of cup vinegar and wipe with a cloth. In order to better clean the inside of the bowl, add a little baking soda in wine vinegar, and then the mixture pour into a cup. There will be a reaction with the formation of bubbles. Wait until the bubbles stop, then again rinse cup.

Black tea in glass.

Add at least 3 bags of black tea in 2.5 ml of water, and then sleep in a bottle with a spray. Well scattered through windows, or mirrors, and delete the newspaper.

Cleanser tube.

If you lag behind water in bathtubs or sinks, first take out the things that are possibly outside clogged drain (it can be hair and mechanical impurity). Then use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. There will be a reaction from the bubbles, but when he stops, rinse with clean water.

Hydrogen against mold.

Mold is often more expensive in wet locations, including basins, sinks and bathtubs. Make a mixture of hydrogen and one part of the two parts of water and pour into the bottle with the sprayer. Thereby directly spray onto mold. When fully dried, wash it with water.