20 Uses for Baby Oil to Save You Money

Do you have baby oil sitting in your cupboard, just about as full as when you bought it. Come to think, why did you buy that baby oil? You might be surprised by the variety of uses for baby oil. Here are 20 of the most popular uses. Which ones have you tried before?

1. Eye Make Up Remover

Just dab a bit of baby oil on a cotton pad and gently wipe off eye make up. Be careful to avoid your eye ball.

2. Shave with it!

Have you ever shaved with baby oil? The baby oil leaves your skin silky smooth and helps prevent nicks.  The baby oil will also leave your skin soft and moisturized.

3. Soothe your Skin

After a shave, rub some baby oil on your skin to prevent red bumps and other irritation. This, too, will moisturize your skin.

4. Remove Temporary Tattoos

Do you kids ever get a temporary tattoo? I know mine love them. Sometimes they last a while and other times, the tattoo is short lived. When you find a temporary tattoo (or part of it) that is just lingering on the skin, use a little baby oil to remove it. This is probably one of my favorite uses for baby oil – pour a little baby oil on a towels and then gently rub the tattoo off. This works quickly and does not irritate the skin at all.

5. Remove Paint

I don’t know about you, but I am not exactly what you would call a “neat painter”. I am careful of the floor and furnishings, but for some reason I seem to get it all over myself! You know that soap and water doesn’t exactly get all of the paint off well without a lot of scrubbing. Next time you have dried paint stuck on yourself, try removing it with a bit of baby oil. It works like a charm.

6. Get the Gum Out!

By now you have seen a trend. Baby oil does wonders about dealing with sticky situations. The next time one of your kids (or you) gets gum in their hair, try rubbing some baby oil into it. The baby oil should coat the hair around the gum and you should be able to comb it right out. Be sure to wash the hair thoroughly afterward.

7. Unstick Zippers

If you have a stubborn zipper on that favorite sweatshirt, try a little baby oil. Just dab a bit on the zipper parts and the zipping will be so much smoother.

8. Moisturize Cracked Heels

If you get to a point when the heels of your feet are dry and cracked and just not so pretty, try rubbing some baby oil on them. Rub a little baby oil on your heels every day for a few days and you will start to notice a difference.

9. De-Clog Ears

A little baby oil can work great at de-clogging ear wax from ears. Just place 4-5 drops of baby oil (warmed is best) in the clogged ear. Let it sit, with head sideways, for a few minutes. Tilt head to the other side and let the oil drain out. You can rinse with warm water afterward to get rid of any straggler bits.

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10. Ward off Frostbite

If you live in a cold weather climate (or will be traveling to one), try this tip – cover exposed skin with baby oil to add an extra layer of warmth. Let’s say you have a scarf, ear muffs and a beanie, but your eye area and nose are still exposed. Slap some baby oil on the exposed skin. I hear this works like a charm.

11. Untangle Jewelry

If you have a chain necklace you love, but it seems permanently tangled up with another, try a little baby oil. Dab some baby oil on the knot or tangle and let it sit a bit. Use a toothpick to work out the tangle. The baby oil should help lubricate the chain to make untangling it easier.

12. Unjam a Paper Shredder

During our Spring cleaning, we inevitably clean out of billing files and end up shredding a lot of unneeded documents. Of course, shredding too much at one time often leads to a jam. If your shredder is stuck because it hasn’t been used in a while or you have a jam, dry dripping a few drops of baby oil on the blades. The oil will help coat the blades and let your shredder run smoother than ever.

13. Say Good Bye to Cradle Cap

We were fortunate to only have one baby develop cradle cap. This can get really unslightly. Keep cradle cap under control with a little baby oil on baby’s scalp. Just massage in a little bit of baby oil and then wipe off gently. The baby oil will help get rid of all that yucky-ness.