20 Amazing Beauty Uses For Baby Oil

About 7 years ago, I discovered an amazing use for baby oil. I heard that you can use baby oil to remove eye makeup. I just had to try it because I wear a lot of eye makeup and the eye makeup remover I was using cost more than my makeup. So, I gave it a shot. I liked it, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted. That’s when I discovered baby oil gel- and fell in love! Since then, I have been on the hunt for other uses for baby oil and I will share some of those with you today.

  1. Use as eye makeup remover- just squirt on a cotton ball, swipe slowly across the eyelid and lashes.
  2. Use as massage oil
  3. Use as cuticle oil
  4. Shave your legs with baby oil
  5. Use after shaving/ shower for super moisturized legs. Just don’t dry legs before applying.
  6. Mix a drop of baby oil with your regular lotion for shinier skin and longer lasting moisture
  7. Use as a scrub. Wet your face, apply baby oil to face, scrub with sugar, and wash off.
  8. Use baby oil to remove paint from skin
  9. Rub on exposed skin to protect it from the cold.
  10. Use baby oil to get sticky off your skin (bandaids, bubble gum, etc)
  11. Rub on cracked heels
  12. Put 5 drops in your ear while lying on your side to help dissolve ear wax
  13. Remove temporary tattoos (Love this at Halloween)
  14. Use as a hair serum- just use a couple drops
  15. Use on cheeks as a highlighter. You can also use baby oil on eyelids to make them shiny
  16. Mix with foundation to give yourself a glow
  17. Use baby oil as a brow tamer after filling in with a pencil
  18. Mix with bubble bath for extra moisturizing power
  19. Use to help remove stuck rings and bracelets. You can also use it to untangle chains.
  20. Use with cocoa butter to manage stretch marks
I found this one today: use it to cleanse your whole face!
Do you have other uses for baby oil in your beauty routine? What other beauty tools like this would you like to see?